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Saona Island has a dimension of 110 km2, It has beautiful coral reefs, coastal lagoons, a great diversity of birds and reptile species, and interesting archaeological sites and caves that were used by the Tainos.
It has an approximate population of 500 inhabitants with just 69 family houses that live mainly from a varied fishing.
The island has two permanent human settlements, the towns of Mano Juan, a fishing village with wooden houses, and Catuano Beach, which has a navy detachment.
It was stepped on by Cristóbal Color on September 14, 1494, on his second trip to the Spanish and the Rename Bella Savonesa. The Original Name given by the Tainos is adamanay which means “Island of Refuge”
Politically Saona Island belongs to the province of La Romana. It is part of the Cotubanamá National Park (Old Eastern National Park). The island is also a great tourist attraction for its beautiful beaches and natural beauty and was selected as one of the best dream beaches in the Caribbean by “Caribbean Travel & Life” magazine.
The island contains a high percentage of endemic species and floral richness, several associations of plant species appear, which make up different ecosystems, among which semi-humid forests, thickets, and mangroves or salty forests, which are composed of four neo-tropical species: black, red, white and button mangroves.
Species of sea turtles including loggerhead, hawksbill, green turtle and leatherback have also been identified in the Saona.
40 species of fish, 10 corals and 124 molluscs have been reported, qualifying the area as one of the most important ecological reserves in the country.
Among the birds you can see beach gulls, waders, the crowned dove, and the green parrot, which is in danger of extinction.
Other fascinating animals such as the rhinoceros iguana, the manatee, the dolphin and the fishing bat are also part of the inhabitants of the island.
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