Tips for arrival and departure

If you are planning to visit Punta Cana or already scheduled to do so, then here are some helpful tips to make your trip as smooth as possible. They have been grouped into two categories and this includes arrival tips and departure tips

Tips to get there

  1. Arrange in advance to airport transportation and pay airport visitor by. Getting a taxi to your final destination once you are in the Dominican Republic can be very chaotic. So to avoid being bombarded by different men who want to provide you with transportation services book transportation through your hotel or a reputable company ahead of travel.

As a wise man, to enter the Dominican Republic you must possess a valid passport with two blank pages as well as pay a US$10 cash fee for a tourist card instead of a visa. The tourist card is valid for 30 days.

  1. Be fully prepared before you leave your house. Before jetting out of your house, please make sure that you have packed everything you need for this trip. Especially the essentials like flight itineraries, as well as hotel itineraries, reading glasses, etc. If possible have a checklist already written so that you can easily confirm what you have packed vs. what you need to take along with you.
  2. Arrive early. You must arrive at the airport on time in preparation for your flight since it is an international flight you must arrive at the airport at least three hours before your flight. Also, find out if there have been any changes to the flight time before you leave for the airport. Furthermore, you should be familiar with the check-in requirements as well as the airline’s baggage policies.
  3. Come prepared with small dollars. United States dollars is accepted as a means of payment by many in the Dominican Republic. However, you should have smaller denomination currency with you because it can be difficult to break an account for example $20.

Exit tips

  1. Pack and prepare several hours before departure. Similar to when traveling to the Dominican Republic is the need to check what you have packed with what you brought to the country. This way you most likely won’t leave behind any valuable items.
  2. Confirm payment of exit tax. Dominican law requires that visitors to the country pay a $20 departure tax before leaving. However, this is usually included in the ticket. Therefore, confirm that this is the case for your aircraft before arriving at the airport for departure.

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